22nd Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

at Abend Gallery, opening reception is December 7th, from 5-9pm. Here is the exhibition flyer featuring one of the paintings I will have on display. Every year Abend puts on this holiday show and it brings in so many new artists, established artists, and many times national painters that we otherwise wouldn't see their originals, except online. So to say the least it is a showcase of a wide variety, and so many great painters who can capture their vision in a condensed format, often times all artworks are no larger than 8 x 10. I have a handful of paintings that are new works from this past year, and many are some of my favorite studio works in miniature, including the "Capital Protector" seen on the flyer, which began as a plein air work during DPAAF 2012, and was competed in studio. I hope to see friends, family and collectors at the show, and I may be doing some demos during the month of the show, more information on that in later posts. Thanks for stopping in, look for more posts this week.

                                           Abend Gallery Holiday Miniatures Preview


DPAAF 2012 Juried Competition

was a great showcase of both new and established Plein air painters. Best in Show and 1st Place was awarded to Jim Beckner for the second year in a row, and his work speaks volumes towards this award.
I was honored to have 5 paintings accepted, and even more psyched to be awarded an honorable mention for "Shapes and Shadows", the first painting I completed for the competition.
I was a little disappointed that I was not able to get out and paint more works, and larger works. It is always gratifying to know that the more painting on location I indulge in, the better my speed, accuracy, and value organization becomes.
These three attributes are only a mere step towards being a better painter, but I hope to push myself, and my ability to be comfortable out of the studio, and working from observation.
Other award winners and the entire exhibition can be viewed by visiting the GTMD.org website. Above are my framed submissions, and my fourth year in a row, (shameless self promo) award winning painting. Framing done by the wonderful folks at Abend Gallery, thanks!
A warm thank you and appreciation to everyone who follows the blog, promotes the work, and takes the time to stop through and see the information in this blog. On this day of thanks I have to extend my gratification to you all, and those who support and (share...hint hint) artists and their careers.
I have new information and platforms that I will be using for promo, process and the like, look for info on tumblr, and Instagram feeds soon. I will still post on this blog but am aiming to split up process steps, and final works in a more meaningful online direction.
Have a happy thanksgiving from me to you!


Subterranean Tunnel Mural

Collabo w Scot Lefavor is complete. The final work is a combination of spraypaint, paint marker, and acrylic. The inclusion of all the tunnel occupants adds a nice final touch and seams the soft realism together. The clean outlines add and enhance the feeling of light streaming through the tunnels. Spot color also helps focus the attention on the activities of the creatures and their surroundings . Many of the prop items were added at later stages to create a small amount of dialogue and add some fun touches to tunnels that were somewhat barren. The panoramic shots are taken with DMD Panorama an IPhone app that allows me to take a seamless picture of the entire piece given the constraints of the mural area . The overall finish and feel is more children's book,classic illustration style. The mural was created in this manner because the client has a kids playroom directly in front of the painting on the interior of the house, giving a creative glimpse into the subterranean world of worms, gophers, field mice, rabbits for her children. Thanks for stopping in to view the completed mural, more posts soon.


Denver Plein Air 2012 Exhibition

opening reception is November 13th, from 5-9pm at the Denver Public Library. 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Level 7. With the inclusion of the Colorado Mountain Parks, and the Youth category this exhibition is sure to be larger, better, and a more extensive display of outdoor works from numerous artists. I am excited to see the competition winners, and all of the other works, in which I had 5 pieces chosen for inclusion. Special thanks to GTMD, Abend Gallery, and everyone involved with DPAAF 2012, always a pleasure to get out of the studio. Hope to see you at the show, and thanks for stopping by. More posts soon.