Subterranean Tunnel Mural

Collabo w Scot Lefavor is complete. The final work is a combination of spraypaint, paint marker, and acrylic. The inclusion of all the tunnel occupants adds a nice final touch and seams the soft realism together. The clean outlines add and enhance the feeling of light streaming through the tunnels. Spot color also helps focus the attention on the activities of the creatures and their surroundings . Many of the prop items were added at later stages to create a small amount of dialogue and add some fun touches to tunnels that were somewhat barren. The panoramic shots are taken with DMD Panorama an IPhone app that allows me to take a seamless picture of the entire piece given the constraints of the mural area . The overall finish and feel is more children's book,classic illustration style. The mural was created in this manner because the client has a kids playroom directly in front of the painting on the interior of the house, giving a creative glimpse into the subterranean world of worms, gophers, field mice, rabbits for her children. Thanks for stopping in to view the completed mural, more posts soon.

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