War Paint Gazza

The first figure I worked for the War Paint mural is Gazza! Paul Gascoigne was an English professional footballer, and English National team player during the 80s and 90s, more commonly known as Gazza, and for creating GazzaMania. Here are some progress shots as I continuously melted in the ever increasing Denver heat spraypainting the figure.The basic steps are to block in the shadow pattern, and then begin layering color against color to get the desired effect. You can also see some of the smaller details that I added such as the short designs and patch. This piece is nearly complete, and I will be posting progress shots of the remaining figures as I begin the final paintings. Really is a pleasure to begin getting the weighted work into the graphic background, I really enjoy the feel of heavy impressionist paint against clean edges. Look for more from GB's Colfax in the next few posts, and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. The progress shots on this one are great! They really help illustrate how dedication to detail, and lighting can make all the difference! Love the drama between mid way and final. Great job!