New Yorker Blown Cover Submissions

Blown Covers is a new blog created by the Art Director at the New Yorker, Francoise Mouly. It sheds light on past and present cover art, the artists creating them, and insight into covers that did not make print.. Last week James Gurney posted about this on his daily weblog, Gurney Journey, and I began creating thumbnails shortly there after for that weeks theme. More info can be found by venturing over to Tumblr and taking a look at the blog, and the current submission contest. I was honored to receive a runner-up for my submission along with many other talented artists. 
Above you can see the "Revolving Door" Runner-up submission and the flip which was a portion of the critique. I submitted a number of thumbnails but we have been asked to keep submissions confidential. It can be a real challenge to send off rough ideas for contest submission, but I suppose that is the best part about a thumbnail, it should be as distinct as possible that you include your "7 W's" wisely. I am posting these images because they are already open to viewing on the Blown Covers Blog. Congrats to Joan Reilly for her winning submission, Francoise's comments and more can be seen by clicking the links. Look for more tomorrow and future submissions, back to sketching!

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