War Paint Study Final

The study for War Paint, a mural concept I will be executing for the new GB'S Fish n Chips is ready to go. You can see the full digital color comp above, as well as all the sketches, and studies, including those that will not be included in the mural. I will be getting the full palette range ready and prepping the wall in the next few days, look for progress from the alleys of Colfax soon. Thanks for stopping through.


  1. Delton,
    You are crazy talented. I took a pic of you painting this mural (with your permission) and I would like to send you a copy. It looks great and I have a frame copy in my home. Call or write - I dropped off my number at the restaurant.


  2. Hello Jon, I don't know how I missed this comment. I would be honored to have a copy of the photo from the War Paint Mural. Also if you wouldn't mind could you send a photo of the framed artwork you have in your home? Thanks again for the support and documentation!