War Paint 1st Steps

Here are progress shots and studio shots of the initial steps I took to get the placement, heighth, and sizing as correct as possible for the mural. I also took some cheater steps, I say this because I have yet to do this on a large scale mural, and that is to utilize a stencil. I took this step because given that these figures are about 2:1 lifesize, they are large enough that they are nearly full body, and to sketch and edge utilizing spraypaint would have wasted time and paint. So I took an alternative option, I projected the full figures onto matt board, and cut massive stencils, only for the silhouette and sizing to be perfect for the next steps. I am anxious to jump in on the figures, but will be working the Union Jack and larger areas before I work the small details. Look for more progress soon, thanks for viewing. 

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