Pencil and Ghosting Process

 is a technique and "style" of pencil drawing that I have been using since college. It basically consists of slowly rubbing the surface of the paper with the pencil, in almost a soft brush fashion. The pencil is rested on the hand versus "held" in the hand, and allows for slow buildup of value and tone to achieve the desired effect. I don't know exactly where the "ghost" or "ghosting" of line, shape, and form derives from, one of my instructors pointed it out to me in observation of my drawing and it has always stuck. The first three or four steps I am blurring my vision by squinting at the reference and at the drawing, working to have relation between the shapes, and searching for the basic form and lighting. I begin to refine once the overall patterning appears correct, and then it is almost a small pencil painting, adding tint and shade to the grayscale block-in of the face.I did not use a kneaded eraser or any eraser on this particular figure sketch. I have included a shot of the scale-relation, as I generally work small when having to work many drawings, whether on vellum as seen here, or in sketchbooks. This is one of the final drawings for an upcoming mural, and I will be doing more final studies as I begin to think about transferring to the large scale. Great news in tomorrow's post, but for now thanks for viewing the ideas behind pencil drawing processes. 

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