Denver Comic Con @ Wazee Union

was a huge success, really great to see so many active comic artists and all at the Wazee Union! The new studio 72 still has a "Pardon our dust" sign on the door, but these works will be on display throughout the month. Also, the "Adamantium Berserker" piece is still in progress but you can see the full piece in its current stage above. I had a few comic fans/artists stop by to say that the piece was a great authentic version of Logan, and that the piece has a raw feel considering they see a great many pieces of the character. I was pushing to pay homage to the more classic era Wolverine from the uniform colors, to the "Bub, don't mess w me expression". Look for process on the finish and more comic inspired paintings soon. All pieces are aerosol on board or canvas. Thanks for viewing these works in their many stages.

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