Recent Character Designs WIP

of a fun little design I have had in mind titled, "KidZilla". The sidestreet hoodlum kid brother of Godzilla. Call me crazy but I have been coming up with some fun scenarios and rough sketches for this guy and the backstory is somewhat fledgling. However at this point the more I sketch the more I start to have visions of a full story, or maybe a short story in the future. Stay tuned, thanks for dropping in. 

"Kidzilla" 360 view and gestural design - photoshop 


New Mural

that has been in the concept stages for quite some time is now underway. In collaboration with Soapoint Graphics and Strainwise, this mural concept is coming along nicely and I am excited to share the progress with you. Look for more posts on this project soon and a full post on the concept, execution and location of this mural. Thanks for stopping in to view the work.

"Monty Slopestyle" concept digitally painted in PSD


Another New Project

that is underway are custom labels for the numerous Ice Cream flavors that will be available at Nuggs Ice Cream. Flavors seen in this post are subject to change!! The new brainchild of the Brothers BBQ owners Chris and Nick O' Sullivan. I have been steadily working on this project alongside my colleague Dan Castillo for the soon to open, all natural and handmade ice cream store on E. Colfax. These sketches are used as composition and layout roughs, then taken into the computer to begin color and vector additions. Look for a number of posts on this project and more soon. Please chime in with your favorite ice cream flavor as the Brothers will be finalizing their flavor list soon! Thanks for stopping in. 


New Project

sketches in the works, and it clearly has to be a buddha Pig...well yeah you got it, and look for more from this Sacred sow. Loose sketch on paper and fleshed out in photoshop. Quick vector color sample and on to the next samples. I am enjoying developing this character, keep the dial here for more as this guy progresses. Thanks for stopping in.


Fear The Forehead part 2

brings us the combination of references to achieve a dynamic but storytelling body to complete our second stage of the caricature. Peyton has some cool manerisms and I wanted to include some of those in this step. The way he grips the ball is a telltale sign of his experience as a quarterback, and his pointed finger is a way of leading the ball to its target, which Peyton has mastered. These two elements and the obvious jersey elements help to round out the character and finish of this piece. I will most likely work some more smaller areas, but for the most part I feel it is complete. Thanks for stopping in to view the work and look for more posts soon. 

"Fear the Forehead" Charcoal on bristol


Fear the Forehead!

is being chanted in the streets for this hometown hero and rightfully so, Peyton Manning is amazing to watch play the game, it is a great deal of fun to watch him operate the Broncos offense. So without further ado, here is the initial portrait stage I have wanted to get knocked out before Super sunday. Look for more posts on this piece and another I have in mind, thanks for stopping in. 

"Hail Peyton"caricature charcoal on bristol


Jean Grae

is another on the list of my favorites that I wanted to practice with a charcoal rendering. This was a lot of fun and who knows if Jean Greezy would dig it but I would like to think so. She is supposed to be dropping a new album soon, so look out for that, and be on the lookout for more posts in the near future!


Samurai in charcoal

is another recent work from the charcoal sketchbook. Working in charcoal on bristol helps me to quickly setup shadow patterns and a value scheme. Greatly enjoying working in this medium to set the tone for this years works. Look for more soon and thanks for stopping in to view the posts.


The challenge rolls on...

with more works from the charcoal sketchbook. This time I am working with the female figure, and I couldn't resist a quick go at Black Widow, aka SJ the amazing and sultry heroine from the last few summers blockbusters. About an hours working time so the likeness could still use some tweaking, but overall this one was a lot of fun and a good change of pace. Look for more soon and thanks as always for taking the time to stop through!


Oh My God…Louis!

a new work in charcoal, and another experiment in exaggerated and stretched proportions that I think is successful, and overall I was trying to put a little different spin on the face of a fairly regulary rendered comedian. I have seen a handful of works of Louis recently, and they are all amazing so I aimed to approach the pulling of the proportions in a different light, please let me know your thoughts!
Also, Louis has his most recent standup "Oh My God" online for download for cheap, and its worth it for a great laugh, especially while your painting or drawing. Look for that in the link above, and thank you for stopping in to view the work and look for more posts soon. 


Carlin Charcoal

is another piece in my ongoing exercises in charcoal. Having a lot of fun and enjoy seeing if I can up my time efficiency with these works. Many of these are exercises in exaggerated features and caricature. Look for more sketches in charcoal soon, and posts about upcoming projects. Thanks for stopping in to view the work. 

"What are you going to read People magazine and eat at Wendy's till the end of time, take a !?$@# chance!" -Carlin


2014 Charcoal Challenge


has begun, and my goal is to share the progression that will occur from my current undertaking of picking up the charcoal again. I have a comfortability with pencil and so as a challenge to myself, and as a way to place some semblance between my oil painting and preliminary works, I will be working in charcoal a great deal this year. I have always had a fondness for the medium, but as I said previously I have become accustomed to working in graphite or ink. No longer!!!!! Well, that is not entirely true, I will continue to work in the aforementioned mediums only less of the time. So look for a number of preliminary and finished sketches in charcoal from me this year, and let me know if that is something that everyone here on Blogger would like to see! Best wishes to you all in this New Year, thank you for the support and time to view the posts, more tomorrow.