2014 Charcoal Challenge


has begun, and my goal is to share the progression that will occur from my current undertaking of picking up the charcoal again. I have a comfortability with pencil and so as a challenge to myself, and as a way to place some semblance between my oil painting and preliminary works, I will be working in charcoal a great deal this year. I have always had a fondness for the medium, but as I said previously I have become accustomed to working in graphite or ink. No longer!!!!! Well, that is not entirely true, I will continue to work in the aforementioned mediums only less of the time. So look for a number of preliminary and finished sketches in charcoal from me this year, and let me know if that is something that everyone here on Blogger would like to see! Best wishes to you all in this New Year, thank you for the support and time to view the posts, more tomorrow. 

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