Render Me Stupid Exhibition Posters

Final ink image, and process photos for the two-color screenprinted posters that will be for sale at the "Render Me Stupid" solo exhibition at UNC's Mariani Gallery on March 1st. Printed by the one and only master printer Chris Huth, these posters are 16 x 20 two-color on archival paper. Run of 50 prints, 25 are white paper, grey and blue image colors, 25 are on beige paper, with purple and teal image colors, get some they are affordable so contact me to recieve one, or go to Greeley and see the show. The final image is the main entryway to the Mariani Gallery with display cases housing some of the prints.



Photos from the interactive life-size cutout created of mayor Hickenlooper. "Magritte the Mayor" was created as an interactive piece of art for the participants of Westwords Artopia. All photos were taken throughout the night and into the next few days as the piece was left at Living Room, transported back to Rackhouse, and now has been transported to UNC, for the "Render Me Stupid" solo exhibition. Great night filled with fun, photos, and creative minds all around. If you have any photos of the night please send to me via email and I will post them.



Here is a sneak peak at a collaborative T-shirt design between myself and the fellas over at The Dope Group. The shirt front sports the Dope Group tree graphic, and the back is a stylized "DENVA" font, using letter styles and Denver themed fusion within the letter styles. Look for these in print very soon, to get one for yourself contact either the website via comment, or email me directly.



So I realize I have been behind on posts, but the next few should explain why, and hopefully give some imagery to chew on. Here are some process shots and construction concepts for the Artopia event, and cutout. The rough sketches were to help me understand how the seams, and wood construction would play out once the painting was completed. The progress shots are from the studio at Rackhouse, where folks love to see "the Dude" the owner purchased from me and where you can smell the aroma of world renowned Stranahan's Whiskey brewing. Rough sketch of easel was integrated into the cutout, and I will post more of the process as it pans out. The canvas on the easel will contain a fun interactive piece. More to come very soon.



Sketch and initial concept for a life-size cutout destined for Westwords Artopia being held the last weekend in February. I am also thinking of integrating the "your head on someones body" cutout to involve attendees of the event. More info to come as the project progresses. Also look for more info soon on the "Render Me Stupid" UNC solo exhibition, March 1.


Dj Screw aerosol on canvas, an addition to the series of UGK portraits that I have created. I am posting the first of this series as well for your visual enjoyment. Palette is Ironlak phantom, eggplant, lazy, roarke (black), and Rustoleum White, size is 24 x 36. Pimp C, 2008, 24 x 32.


Final image from the Green Spaces live painting demonstration earlier this month, steps progressed from the earlier post here. I put a few short hours into the final execution in the studio and am very pleased with the finished painting. The general purpose and idea portrayed is effective and the overall mood and direction of the initial workshops has been realized. The final is destined for either Green Spaces or SoulAju.



Recent masonry mural addition, after the main segment was completed, we were recommissioned to include a few additional segments and figures descriptive of the administrative side of brick masonry. In this case Lance, the office manager who oversees all the phone calls and other info as it comes into the company. Will post the completed addition and other details when the weather clears up. More to come.