Giraffe Rider Process Line Drawing

This post is a quick glance into the process of creating this line drawing in Photoshop for sample purposes, and eventually for the final mockup that will be used in painting. I generally work very similar to the pace and fashion I would with graphite. By slightly "ghosting" in your gestural lines and moving from section to section the rendering starts to take life quickly. 
In this stage I am squinting at the computer screen much like I would when painting on location, or when trying to break down the values of any object whether in studio or in the field. This helps to eliminate distractions and to simplify the information I am attempting to translate. 
In the next stage I begin working from reference to add more character and realism to the figure. In this instance there is not much reference of a large land mammal such as a giraffe, doing anything dynamic, so much of the drawing is completed fusing reference and imagination. Another technique that I commonly use is to flip the work horizontal and vertically, this helps to refresh the brain and see the work in new light, often times revealing flaws of the drawing. By working these steps in a repeated fashion I end up with the near finished rendering, and a great springboard to paint the final from. 
This process can be expanded and simplified based on the artists needs. For the purposes of this project I did not take the illustration farther as I will execute those steps in the final mural. This allows spontaneous work to happen in the final stages, keeping the work fun all the way until it is completed.

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