Afro Predator 303/Indy Ink

collabo decks are finished and I have them in hand, but I don't quite have the post ready, so in the meantime 
here are the stickers that are coming off soon, more info on both in a future post. Check both Indy Ink and 303 sites for more info.  Thanks for stopping by, excited to share the final deck illustration. 


Brothers BBQ Labels Finished

and have been printed and bottled with the new design and illustrations. This project was some time in the making, and with the collaborative effort of myself and Daniel Castillo we knocked this project out of the park. Dan spearheaded all the design,layout, and final label production with superb results! You may notice that there are extra illustrations that do not adorn the labels, why is this you ask? Well during the course of the project I had worked up final illustrations when the client decided to omit a few of them. Sometimes in the professional world you have to bite the bullet and work through it. I think that the labels still would have a benefit from the "regional" character additions, but in the end the main focus is on the "family owned, Colorado grown" aspect of Brothers BBQ. Each sauce and its flavor are inspired by their distinct regional origins, this being my inspiration for creating the other "Q" characters. I will most likely find a use for these guys, most likely for promotional and marketing use, aimed at Brothers BBQ and other print clients. So in the long run it was extra work, but work that is not completely obsolete, there is always an end game for final artwork, that's the way I look at it. Visit a "Q" near you for the new bottles and labels, or "Homeslabs" and thanks for stopping in to view the work. More to come in future posts.