Pack up your things

I am moving to a new apartment today, more progress sketches. Thanks for stopping by.


Web Progress

A small teaser of some of the elements that will be on the new Delton Demarest website coming Spring 2011!!! Keep your eyes peeled my friends.....very nice things are brewing in the mind.


Freaky Friday

No description or summary can describe how fun and overall crazy it was to work on this commission. Not only is it a blast and a challenge to get the likeness, but also to portray the genuine enjoyment of chewing on your girls leg or daisy dukes. I will let the images do the talking, and say that I miss you dearly my friend, we are on our grind now and things are going to pop off in years to come.
All paintings are black and white Liquitex acrylic, I am fairly unsure of the dimensions, they are close to 12" x 16".


The Hand Drawn Logo

Here is a quick preview and update for a current project that is nearing completion. A great friend and photographer is soon to release her new website and I was honored with creating the logo for her site. All of the above versions of her name were done with acrylic or ink on paper. Handwriting and the longhand version of writing is slowly being deleted from school systems and early education. What a sad thought, especially since it has been proven that handwriting and the process of creating lettering creates and strengthens cognitive thinking and learning. There are some great blog postings and writings about the subject, take a look at the links below. And look for some final mock up shots and the final web release soon. Get to know miss Jenna Avriel Rice, an amazing artist. Look for the full site links and posting just around the corner.
Muddy Colors: Handwriting Rocks!
Muddy Colors: Arts and Letters

Ink El Camino

Some ink drawings from the sketchbook, a few versions of the El Camino, I have been doing a good amount of quick drawings in ink of technical subjects. Think it helps a great deal in the decision making process of drawing, and technical and mechanical subjects are great to think about historical design, and the origins and future of such designs. More from the sketchbook soon.


Cessna 182 Commission

8" x 10" Color study in oil for a larger commission, utilizing multiple reference shots to create color and composition key. Look for the final piece soon, or possibly just a detail shot based on what the client whats to expose of the final image. This was painted on a double-primed canvas mounted to gator board, definitely going to be using more of these, thanks so much Chris!


3 Portrait Pochades

Quick post for today, here are three quick oil sketches on miniature boards. In order of appearance from L to R, oil sketch from sketchbook drawing, MLK oil sketch from photo reference, and Yoda oil sketch from observation and photo ref. These are all studies for larger works, palette used was Titanium White, Cad Yellow Light, Alizaron Crimson, and French Ultramarine on 2" x 2 3/4" miniature canvas boards.


Works in Progress

These color studies are for works in progress at a larger scale, wanted to post these as a preview of things to come. I utilize color studies quite often, although there is a great post on Petar Mesildzija's blog that approaches the topic from his working point of view, I find it relevant and interesting because it talks about steps of the process that may or may not be necessary to each painter depending on his or her comfortability. I have worked in both regards, but feel the work benefits from as much preliminary problem solving as possible. Quite possibly Petar is just so damn good at what he does these steps aren't necessary for a painter as talented as he.

Petar Meseldzija Art: Another Tolkien Interpretation


Studio Saturday!

While I am busy getting the new studio's interior and exterior spaces ready for paint slinging, I am posting the final for a graphic I produced some time ago, and never posted the final for you all. Initial sketch was done in pencil, overlayed ink drawing from that, finalized in Adobe Illustrator. Final application images soon and more from the studio! Thanks for stopping in.

Skull process in previous posts: Skulls in many stages


.... I wish I could go fishing

Fishing on Friday sounds great, however I am painting in the studio, so I will post one of my favorite little fishing holes located in Nederland. This piece was completed 90% in plein air, and 10% in the studio. Wish i was shoreside throwing a line.....but maybe next weekend.
"Nederland Fishing Hole" Oil on canvas, 8 x 8


Luchador Google Search Drawing Exercises

For a drawing exercise I typed Luchador into Google and began sketching. Luchador's are fun subject matter to get the juices flowing, and to think about your superhero name seriously. First four are pencil in the sketchbook, final one is ink, probably three hours total working time, maybe less I was watching a movie and listening to rap music the entire time, so bear with me.


Aegir Sketches

New concept sketches of an interpretation of Aegir, norse god of the Sea. Some things are brewing for personal work with these. More later. Pencil on paper is probably the most satisfying meditation in the world.


Experimental Line Work

This image is from a series of posters completed in 2009 for the Psycle Analysis Cd release party. The posters were created in homage to Ichiban, who is a musician, poet, emcee, karate master, and all together amazing guy. I am posting this because I have been working on experimental line work with different mediums, many of which I feel are completely unorthodox in regards to creating representational artwork, even if culturally influenced as we see above.
These posters were created with a marker known as a POP marker, with a two inch chisel tip.
The mark making is done deliberately and with as much indicated in each line as possible. The point being to think minimal, but translate optimal information.
More on this technique and the posters in later posts.
More info on Ichiban: Psycle Analysis


Super Bowl Sunday from Dallas?

This post is a break from art and work, and well even from the norm of an artist blog, this is about the Super Bowl? Actually no its not, but it is however about a city very near to Arlington, Dallas. This photo is from an undisclosed location on my travels some time ago but is on the grounds of a TV film set. What show you might ask, well the TV show Prison Break has been known to regularly use this location for filming different dark and mysterious scenes. I personally never watched the show but there are screen shots available on the web.


Indy Ink Spring Fashion Show

The opening for the Indy Ink Spring Fashion Show graphic release was last night and here is a piece of the final graphic for you to chew on and follow the scent trail all the way to Indy Ink and get yourself a hoodie, you will thank yourself later. Will post final and a short video later on, so go out and take a look at the new graphics from national and local artists alike.


Final Line Drawing for Viking Longship

Here are the final line drawings of the vikings and longship for the Indy Ink graphic I have been working on for some time now. There is a great deal to talk about with this piece and I will save it for a later post, so many great things to share with you all. I am excited for the opening with new graphics from the likes of Kris Fry, Evan Lorenzen, Ray Young Chu, Andres Guzman and many more. There will only be 30 of each garment printed so get to Indy and get your hands on some nice gear.
Previous Indy Ink posts: Gift of Getting


They came from the North...

In earlier posts I had shown a small teaser of the process drawings for the Viking Longship that I have been working on. Here are the majority of the final pencil sketches, and some head studies that I did of Jean Leon Gerome's "Head of the Rebel Beys at the Mosque" for inspiration and guidance in some of the elements I planned for the main character of the longship. I will post the final line drawings next and the final graphic ready for print.
Graphite on paper