War Paint 2nd Steps

For the second stage of the War Paint mural, I have been steadily and meticulously mapping, masking and painting in the very large sections of the Union Jack.  I did not use a level, or a laser liner, all done by eye and classic mural methods, such as the very rough rope line you can see. It may not look like much, but running straight lines over 60 feet of textured brick is not the easiest task, running diagonal lines over them can be a nightmarish task, not to mention the wall is west facing and gets a great deal of sun.With all these factors in play, it is going well and the figures will be getting some layers soon. Some of the shots are at night as I have been working in the cool evening air, and shorter sessions during the daylight hours. Overall I have worked this entirely on my own, with some initial help from the one and only Stereo Abstract, and some help from my good friend Ever, thanks fellas. Look for more from GB's Colfax soon. 

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