War Paint Churchill

The second figure in the works for the War Paint mural at GB's Colfax is none other than Sir Winston Churchill. Prime Minister of England and allied warrior against the Nazi baddies we all know of during WW2. This portion of the mural is the most challenging, and the most rewarding to see it moulded into the portrait I envisioned. To capture the idea of having the Union Jack cross painted onto Churchill's body I have been working entirely from my drawing, color study and one reference shot I have of Winston with tommygun. This makes it a tough task, but one that I think is really coming along nicely, the expression and feel of "The Bulldog" are going to plan. There are still some small adjustments and additions to be made, and I will post the finals of all the figures once the mural is complete. Yesterday's post fell short as I stayed in the sun longer than anticipated, reason being was the unexpected inclusion of a video session with a very talented and dedicated videographer known as Quote, or Q whom also dealt with the 90 degree weather. You can see the finished video and some really fresh still shots above, a special thanks to Video by Quote for a great glimpse into the making of War Paint. Thanks for viewing the paintings. 

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