Blown Covers Trayvon Martin Submissions

This past weeks submission for Blown Covers was the tragic story of Trayvon Martin. No matter which direction you feel on the topic, coming up with an effective, time-tested image can be a challenge, especially with such a high emotion, high tension case such as this one. I have learned recently that Zimmerman will be charged with second-degree manslaughter and is being held in Florida, I feel this is a step in the right direction. Despite not really having time to do these amongst other work, I worked up multiple thumbs, but also ink and digital color. The final submission you see above is worked up more than what was submitted. It is worth it to lose some sleep for these contests because it is so helpful to work through a series of ideas to find a visual solution. This training is priceless, and will be valuable to any artist, at any stage of their career. For my submissions I focused on the symbolism, and basic idea of a Hoodie, and a Neighborhood watch member. Both of the submissions were featured on Blown Covers, and the submissions were amazing, really great solutions to a touchy subject. Thanks to Francoise for featuring the work, and you can see the winner, and all the great submissions at the link below. 


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