Blown Covers Mothers Day Submissions

was the heartfelt theme for last weeks Blown Covers contest. My submissions are as you see above. I didn't get a chance to submit my color comp of the final ink, which is the first image, but worked it up in my spare-time because I wanted to see what impact the color notes would make. The more conceptual idea I submitted was also included, the MoMa lettering giving itself a hug. One of the rough sketches were included on the blog as well. This theme was special for all artists since we all were given the amazing gift of life from ours, and we get to create and envision wonders everyday because of our wonderful mothers. My submission is what I see my mother wishing for everytime her holiday came around, complete and utter pampering. Special congrats to the winners and thanks to Francoise and Nadja for the weekly challenge! Thanks for dropping in. 

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