"Orion" The Homing Pigeon

has been a guest in the studio today, and what a cool guest to have. The only unfortunate part is that he is somewhat caged until his departure tomorrow. His "Thinking about Flying" box must have made him upset, because he made it known he wanted to fly now, as you can see above. The MCA of Denver has a small coop of homing pigeons that apparently are taken to different locations within 30 miles and are released up to 24 hours later to do that ever impressive task of flying directly home to their rooftop abode. Orion is here at Studio 72 because Harrison Nealey (Stereo Abstract) is bringing him to his son Rocco's school to release him, and to help the kids learn about the important place homing pigeons hold in the animal kingdom. The main painting is a watercolor piece I did from a combination of references, and a rough pencil sketch. In the photos you will see some of the information and the awesome print outs for the kids. I wish I had a day like that in school when I was a kid, what an awesome dad Harrison is. Illustration by Scott Le Favor. Thanks for homing in.

"Orion" Watercolor on Paper 4" x 4"

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