The making of...IMT Banner

is a step by step process of the creation of a 9ft by 6ft custom banner for the Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery here in Denver. The Monkeyshine name comes from the root- Moonshine. 

Moonshine- The word is believed to derive from early English smugglers who clandestinely (i.e., by the light of the moon) produced and distributed illegal distilled rum in the 1500s. The word was picked up in during the 1920’s Prohibition era when the 18th amendment created an enormous illegal business around Moonshine. Monkeyshine references this counterculture and frames IMT’s keg program in this great underground tradition. 

Moonshine- as in the light of the moon. The deep red of the planters moon; the pale yellow of the harvest moon are expressions of the natural cycles of the seasons that are so key to the cultivation of great fruit and great wine. (source: IMT Design- Vinyl Creative Agency)

The process photos will show the digital mockups, hand painted lettering, and custom over-sized stencils I worked up to complete this banner. Many of you may have seen the process of the wine barrell tops for MonkeyShine, and this is an echo of those works, only on a much larger scale. The first steps were to transfer and cut stencils and hand paint the lettering. You can see these initial stages and then the jump to full color finish. Once the stencils are applied, the lettering is dressed up and the final effects are added. Look for this banner to be hanging at a local watering hole near you, once I know which one I will let you know. This post was meant to come out immediately after yesterday's but Blown Covers submissions ate up more time than expected. Thanks for stopping in. 

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