Blown Covers Fathers Day Submissions

was this past weeks Blown Covers theme, and what a fun one to partake in. Here are my sketch submissions and the thumbnails that I worked from. I have officially been taken over by the force of Darth Vader deciding which tie to wear. The Vader concept made it all the way to Runner-Up #3, unfortunately my submissions were not one of the pair chosen. I think I took the tie idea too far and wasn't concise enough on distinguishing the elements. This theme was one I had a blast working concepts for. I am going to rework the main Vader idea , add color, zoom out on the scene, drop a tie and possibly the design on the tie as well. You may notice the one and only MCA in a fathers day submission, because he was a father to so many within music and beyond. The first is the actual submission, the second is the adjustment I placed on the portrait. Take a trip over to the blog and see the all the submissions. Thanks to Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman for the weekly adventure. Look for more tomorrow on some fun projects. 

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