Wazee Supper Club

is getting a facelift with all new construction and fabrication to enhance the classic feel of the old decor. The main enhancement on my end was custom artwork applied to the bathroom doors and custom signage. Here are process photos and site photos of the work in progress and the finals. You might recognize these images from an earlier post about Minimalist gestures. The doors were painted by hand using acrylic, and you can see the transfer process. I had the honor of working with Scot LeFavor on the custom signage, all by hand, master sign painter style, check his website for more amazing work that is both illustration, screenprint style, and a master layering process. The 8Bit spraypaint works are inspired and executed in a similar fashion. Special thanks to Shannon Baker at WSC, Lisa Ruskaup and Scot LeFavor .Look for more client work and personal projects tomorrow. 

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