I just finished working with '3 the Hard Way' on the album design for their debut, SET IN STONE. I was asked to paint live at the release party on February 28th which was hosted by Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples. Dj Babu and Defari were in the house along with Diamond Boiz, and Maneline. Also in the building was Mike Williams, animator and creator of the 3THW Animation. Matt Novak came through and took amazing photos of the evening! (more of that to come) Here is the SET IN STONE Album cover and portraits used for the layout design, it began as a live painting at the D-Note featuring Braille, below are the covers I completed for Maneline~& Sew It Seams, Ichiban~Psycle Analysis, The Pirate Signal~Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1, and Atmosphere~Sad Clown Bad Spring 12.

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