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was our ongoing Blown Covers theme from last week. With the status of book stores, publishers, and many forms of print in jeopardy given current technological advancements, the topic had a nice turnout, and of course a number of successful solutions. I am thrilled every week to hop on to Blown Covers and see the finalists to critique, analyze, be humiliated, laugh and most of all learn from the variety,pure talent of artists working towards the endgame of a successful cover image. 
I have to post a slight disclaimer of sorts: for the most part these images are created from thumbnail, to one rough layer, utilizing NO reference. I may break out the cellphone and rip through google for a reference as I'm finishing up, and on the Rich and Poor submission I obviously used a ref shot of Romney. I am confident to say however that 98% of the time I am working from imagination, and working through the drawings quickly among other work, the majority of the work is done overnight and with limited amounts of time, like the real world.
 I am thankful to Francoise and Nadja for placing my work on the blog, and for always giving feedback to that weeks best submissions, it helps in breaking down the reasons images would be best for cover art according to a number of themes. 
I always think of taking an adventure when I sit down to read a book, that is the second theme I focused on,  a traveler attempting to use his boarding pass at the library, the first was a reference to Fahrenheit 451, I hated the movie, love the book, but decided to try and play my own version of a testimonial "Fireman" from 451 burning books while reading his I-Pad, but I think I didn't focus in on the "goods" enough. I do enjoy the concept and will most likely play it up at a later date. You can also see the thumbnails and roughs I work from on the light table. I would love to hear thoughts from anyone, as I thank you for stopping in please give me your take. 

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