Scorpion Posse Watercolor

is yet another small painting that I used a rough line drawing to work from. I did not transfer the drawing using the lighttable as I have with many of these on Rives paper because it is thin enough to work your drawing from underneath. I utilized a new rubbing transfer that I have been using and the image was ghostly at best on the watercolor paper. You can see this in the first few steps, the face, hands, and pistols are almost non-existent in the transfer. This made for more of a challenge in the painting, but also allowed for more exploration of the forms and the lighting. I had a lot of fun pushing and pulling the form in the final stages of the portrait, you can see how much fun in the detail shots. Look for many more watercolors and client work in the next few posts. Thanks for stopping in on this Memorial Day.

"Scorpion Posse Gun" Watercolor on BFK Rives 4" x 6.25"

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