Minimalist Gestures

are the foundation for all drawing, and can take a life-time to master. The spine, hips, and shoulders dictate so much emotion and movement in the human form, there is often a subtle beauty and effortless touch to artists whom their works can capture the flow of the form in a few seconds, or a few gestural marks on paper. These are exercises in exactly that, but also looking to break down the line and form in to the most basic indications I can, and as said before a practice and learning session always. These are from imagination,  no more than a minute or two each, and I work them layer upon layer with vellum or tracing paper. The step by step consists of roughs to line drawing, seven steps on the light-table. I have a few more posts about Montana and the trip to On Deck 7 soon, thanks for stopping by to view the posts. 

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