Blown Covers Rich and Poor Submissions

was this past weeks theme for Blown Covers. I was honored to have my submission placed amongst the Runners-up this past week. I focused on ideas of political rich and poor, and my ideas ended up centering upon Mitch Romney and his bags of riches. I worked through concepts to best tell this story, and I came upon ideas of Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich that I felt would be effective solutions. Once I had settled upon this direction, it was a decision of how to best display the gesture of the character. I always think back to the vault of money swimming pool from the old Duck Tales shows, and I felt this would be the best image to display Romneys with his riches. You can see the basic process from rough thumbnail, to line drawing, to value study, to final. Always a pleasure to work through these ideas, and a great honor to have placed at the top for last weeks theme. Special thanks to Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman for the nod, and thanks for stopping through to view the work. More from Montana in the next few posts. 

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