Blown Covers Graduation Submissions

was the ongoing Blown Covers theme for last week. Here are my submissions and links to the blog and winning submissions. I had a lot of fun working through these ideas and drawings and really enjoyed my main submission the "Trapdoor Tassel". A few ideas I played were better worked by others, you can see the detail shots of these particular scenes, a zoomed angle and minimal elements would have helped these concepts.

I think that many of us who were graduates may see the field a bit differently these days, as far as I'm concerned it seems like you can get as valuable an education through great research of workshop, artists, and those organizations and schools that have these showcase events. With the amount that can be spent on a college education versus specialized workshops and demos it almost isn't a question anymore for artists whether college is a good choice.

I loved my education, but also see the value in specialized workshops for lower cost. My submissions centered more on the pitfalls of graduation, although I do feel it is valuable for those who need more direction over extended periods of time. Head on over to the links and look for more tomorrow.

Graduation Blown Covers Winner

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