New Illustrations up and in print


Alternate Mural concept, photoshop 

that I am pleased to post. You can take a look at the character bios and Facebook page by clicking the links. Multiple illustrations for multiple purposes, all created with strict timelines. I had the pleasure of creating this character named Monty while working in collaboration with Soapoint graphics and Strainwise. The first round of illustrations were created for the sole purpose of snowboard graphics and to create a variety of looks. From those initial roughs we honed down the finals to the two full length graphics that were sent to print. Currently there is an online snowboard giveaway from Strainwise with the Monty "business" and "party" art exclusively through Notice Snowboards, located in Montana. 
The full poster image of Monty derived from a concept about "the most interesting Giraffe in the world" and how that would play out as a full color illustration. I wish I had more of the initial concepts and roughs from these but they are in the archives at the graphics shop. This illustration is the introductory image for Monty on the Strainwise site and the Monty Kushman FB page. Visit the sites to see the illustrations there. 
 So without further ado, I am excited to show these illustrations and look for more posts on the recent mural I completed of Monty at Hermans Hideway . More to come from Strainwise, Soapoint and myself in the near future, stay tuned! Thanks for taking the time to view the work. 


  1. Those are sweet Delton! Monty is perfect for the boards. Congrats man.