Yojimbo Falls On Deck 8

This post is the release of a new illustration created for On Deck 8, a group show/auction that raises money to build skateparks in Montana. The Montana Skate Park Association has hosted this show for eight years strong, and this was my first opportunity to show with the Brink Gallery, and OD8 in Missoula. I was honored to make the trip last year with my wonderful girlfriend Alicia, who was showing in OD7 for the first time. The city of Missoula and the Brink Gallery are very cool, and I hope to make the trip again this year, but it is not entirely set in stone. Visit the links above for more info on past On Deck shows, and more about our first trip to Missoula.
My painting "Yojimbo Falls" was inspired from my love for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have been working on a series of concepts destined for future paintings, and I saw OD8 as a perfect opportunity to release the first in the series. Originally a Stan Sakai creation, Usagi Yojimbo was a samurai rabbit who was introduced into TMNT not long after it was created (could be wrong) and my favorite character in the series, maybe a close second to Donatello, but who is asking. 
The painting was created quickly, but with all the preparation in place was a smooth movement to the finish. I have posted the colors studies which greatly helped with the final painting, the knowledge of how I wanted to set up the overall palette and complimentary color sped up the final rendering significantly. I utilized some new techniques, and combined them with others I know and am comfortable with. I am quite happy with the final illustration and have a print release coming up, more info on that soon, you can see the format on the bottom image.  
The skatedeck is available for purchase through the Brink Gallery, and comes with a large portion of the cost being donated to help build more skateparks in Montana! I couldn't think of a better win-win situation, getting original artwork and in the process supporting creative and individual endeavors. So take a trip to the links and bid on "Yojimbo Falls" or any of the other great decks for On Deck 8. DO IT! 
Thanks as always to everyone who follows and looks at the posts, I appreciate the support. More posts next month. 

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