Mayday! Mayday! A Blog Post!

 Hello Blogger, I sincerely apologize for this month long lapse in posts but things have been a little crazy on my end. I am going to post about a fun project I have just completed with Nick O'Sullivan from Brothers BBQ. He is getting back into the racing circuit, and I had the honor of creating a custom crest and helmet design for him. Utilizing an Arai Helmet/Troy Lee Designs template and my sketches I built the artwork in Adobe Illustrator for sendoff to print. Had a great deal of fun creating custom animals and elements for the crest, and creating a streamline design for the overall helmet that says fast, and badass. The O'Sullivan crest was completely custom made, and I have included the concept sketches for these steps as well. I am excited to see the printed and clearcoated helmet and will post photos of the final print when the helmet is complete. Look for more in a later post, and check the website(www.deltondemarestarts.com) updates have been in progress, more to come soon. Thanks for bearing with me Blogger, stay tuned.

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