DieHorrorama A Horror Film Diorama Art Show

held tonight at Eslinger Gallery, 118 South Broadway. DieHorrorama is a group show curated by none other than OptWon, the mastermind behind the 8Bit artshow, and the GutterKids artshow. The theme for DieHorrorama was to choose your favorite Horror movie and recreate your inspiration in diorama format. My favorite horror movie is Rosemary's Baby, Roman Pulanski's 1968 cult classic, in which an un-assuming NY couple are swept into a world of Faustian cults, rituals, and satanism. This movie has so much creepy regalia surrounding it I felt it would be a fitting theme for DieHorrorama. I took a more painterly approach, arranging painted items within my shoebox to create the scene I wanted to showcase. I went this direction because I wanted to create a pop up, paper cut out type of diorama, in which the illusion of 3dimensional objects is felt. If you look closely you can see that the figures are flat but they read like they are sitting on the surface of the box in perspective. This was the overall look I was hoping to achieve, a slight illusion of space utilizing painted objects to create the scene.
The final diorama measures about 18" x 14", and is painted in acrylic, and acrylic glazes. There are some added details to the back of the piece that you will have to check out in person! Many other great themes from a number of other Denver artists will be on display, hope to see you there.
Thanks for stopping by to view the work I appreciate the support.

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