Ink Monstr Sticky Situation Denver

This Saturday, October 19th Sticky Situation Denver at Cluster Studios. 20 of Denver's premier artists converge for a group show with over 2k in prizes and awards. A "Votes for Notes" event as I like to call them, this should be a great competition and showcase of large scale vinyl mounted artwork. Revealed for the first time is "Pitbull Press" my submission for this competition. I was inspired by the fusion of creature and printing press. With the initial sketches and first block in through Adobe Illustrator I started to shape and mold the character into more of a stout compact shape leading to the title "Pitbull Press". 
The lettering was built by hand and is a custom lettering set. I wanted to keep this years submission more simplified in both palette and execution and I think those goals were achieved. Four color process with some small accents in the eyes make up the color for this piece, the inclusion of the Ink Monstr "Eye" was a conscious decision to include the IM logo in a stylized manner. The final touches were the DMD poster coming off the press to sign the piece, but in a way that does not distract from the overall silhouette of the character. 
The showcase features each artists work in large scale format, often times larger than 4' x 5', then mounting the artwork to the gallery walls for attendees to vote for their favorites. Also included is my submission from Sticky Situation 1 back in 2011. Follow the link to see the vinyl printed artwork from that exhibition, as well as check the link for Sticky Situation NY. I look forward to seeing you all at the competition and please share this post freely, thanks for stopping in to view the work.

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