Air Cavalry Process

includes a GIF of the oil painting process from sketch to opaque layers. This piece was in process during the OTMAM show at Leon and I had intentions of displaying it earlier but I got caught up with other projects. This piece was inspired by past color studies and some plein air studies on location, which I previewed in earlier posts. I may also be watching Apocalypse Now a little too much as the "Air Cavalry" concept came to me during the drawing stages, in which I had the character and creature more grounded. I worked up a small maquette for the creature and you can see a small preview of that in the final photo. This always help to keep lighting accurate and more importantly to think about the form and structure of the imagined creature. I will be adding some more glaze layers to this work before it is finalized, and I hope to post that soon. A shout out to Dan Castillo for showing me help with GIF files, and I hope to do some more of these for process purposes. Thanks for taking the time to stop in, more info in later posts. 

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