Indy Ink Posse

final graphic and color separation is complete. I have included the sample sheets, final ink on vellum, and palette studies to see how the color variations will play out. There is a second section to this graphic that I will share in a future post. Overall really pleased with the finish on this ink illustration and digital coloring. Also, the Afro Predator skateboard is complete and I will preview that soon, have to keep you waiting on that one. I  had to post this final first because it is another nice echo to the Afro Predator shirt for Indy, and as I said in previous posts, get on the horn and call Indy and 303 for pre-order information as we quickly approach the winter seasons. Very pleased to share this with you and can't wait to see it in print. Thanks for stopping in and I promise I won't have such a lapse on posts this coming week. 

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