8Bit Hellboy Final

for the 2nd installment of the 8Bit art show hosted by OptWon and the 1up at Family Affair Denver. First and foremost I have to thank KarmaLeigh for the help with this piece, for the process photos, and for helping push through on a late night deadline in which I wasn't sure I would make it. With that said, I am really happy with the finish on this piece and on the NES unit, there are some blowout mistakes on the NES console, but the main painting made up for that. The additional photos are mobile collages with some process, some working shots of the studio in paintmode, and the final piece as it was displayed at Family Affair. Prints are available for this piece, and the full display is for sale. I fall more in love with this technique and the process the more of them I complete, so look for more 8Bit fun in the near future. 

"8Bit Red" Spraypaint on routed Aluminum 

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