SWEET SPOT ~ UNC Mariani Gallery

As mentioned before, the Colorado Rockies themed show at UNC's Mariani Gallery in July is going to be a good one. The donated baseballs are being customized by multiple artists, and here is my concept and contribution to this auction show and benefit. I created thumbnails and concepts of a Baby Dinger, a junior version of the Rockies Mascot. In an effort to reinforce the principles I demonstrated at my solo show at UNC in March, I sculpted the final using Sculpey, acrylic, and adhered the final sculpture into the baseball. This created the hatch effect I imagined in my sketches. From this stage I utilized my reference photos and sketches to create the final painting for the second portion of the show, a Juried exhibition featuring Rockies inspired art of all kinds.

This painting is 30" x 40" , completed with aerosol. The sculpture was returned to the UNC Gallery early, so more detailed and 360 view photographs coming soon. The show is scheduled for July 8, I will post flyers and more info soon.

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