A Day with Sun Valley

Today was incredible, beginning of some great and inspiring projects with the Sun Valley Community in West Denver. I have worked with the community many times before and am extremely excited to kick off a whole new series of works with everyone in Sun Valley. Here are some shots from our first day of meetings pertaining to a number of different goals and future developments for the neighborhood. I will leave the rest of the photos to tell the story, always a blast to work with the SVYC youth and draw! So much great talent among these kids, and the photos show for it. I have to talk about the bus concepts by Matthew, just amazing in my opinion that he completed both the Sun Valley concept, in addition to the And Justice for All concept, complete with Lady Liberty in one sitting! Wow! Someone is destined for artistic endeavors of some shape or form. Look for much more in the future as the projects unfold. Special thanks to Kris at SVYC, Stereo Abstract, Bureau A and all the community members, DHA members, Design Workshop and anyone else I forgot. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the wonders of pure creativity!

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