8Bit Skull Final Painting for Studio 72 Pixel Arcade Artopia 2012

Lengthy post title, tons of progress photos, so....I will make this short. Third hand painted pixel, 8bit painting and I decided to tackle a skull. Well at first it seemed daunting, but as soon as I had figured out the value study I was confident it would be a go. The process is tedious and very exact, but the result is well worth it. The medium is spraypaint for the entire piece and you can see a photo of the palette instead of me having to ramble off brand types and colors. 
The final piece will be for sale and on display at Artopia 2012, Studio 72's Pixel Arcade will be located on the 2nd Floor of Vinyl alongside Dr.Sketchy's for the evening. I will have multiple sized prints and trade card sizes for sale, our custom interactive NES unit will be open to players of all ages, along with new work from Stereo Abstract and Bureau A. Come through and look for ticket info at the links below. Okay it still wasn't short but thanks for viewing and reading if you do that. 

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