Daughters Spraypaint Portraits 2

More progress from the dual portrait being executed in spraypaint on board. The layers are piling up and the figures are slowly being sculpted out using the drawing and reference hand in hand. I have also put a small process of the Adidas Shelltoe painted to a near finish. Amazing how one item of clothing can indicate so much about a person, even at a young age.This painting is a great challenge based on the scale and age of the subject matter, but is a lot of fun pushing and pulling the tones to a unified state. The first portrait is still in the works and I am moving through other areas of the piece to ensure the lighting and overall color is in a cohesive field. I feel one of the main difficulties of working in this manner is that all spraypaint is a base tone, whether its a tint or shade, you must either mix your own colors, which is a great deal of extra work, or you must use the stock tones and manipulate them to your own palettes vision. The difference for me from traditional painting is the aspect of applying direct color in one manner, and utilizing complex mixtures on the other, completely different platforms to create realism upon. 
For instance, I am using about 60 different colors to create this piece, but the relationships of those colors  when applied right next to one another create the illusion of realism. I will talk about this more as the painting moves closer to a finish. The brands of spraypaint that I am using are as follows: Molotow Belton, Evolve 004 Premium, Montana Alien,Mtn 94, Montana Hardcore, Rustoleum, and Flame 

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