Infinite Monkey Theorem 8 Pack

I found it appropriate and not on purpose mind you, to post the finals of the IMT artwork along with the combo dinner featuring Charlie Palmer and IMT founder/Winemaker Ben Parsons, the ironic part is I picked the exact date randomly. So as the patrons are surely filled to the brim with wine and their tasting menu items,  I will share the final images and detail shots of the IMT wine barrel artwork. This set of 8 turned out really cool with new textures and wood finishes to spraypaint onto. I really enjoy the detail shots and the look of raw spraypaint on wood, really the only solution for painting these pieces, considering they are generally quite moist upon arrival, and remain so even through the painting stages. The wood brands and the coinciding stencils that the vineyards apply are so unique, what a great way to distinguish your flavor and location. Very excited to see these begin to pop up around the state, and look for more from IMT, Ghost Plate and Tap and myself very soon. Thanks to Ben, Karen, and Lisa for this go round, and to all of you for stopping in. 

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