Snowdown Snowboard Studio

I have been at work finalizing the layers on the Snowdown NS/Pacifico board in the studio and I had a friend stop by to visit. While he was there we were talking about the Pacifico keg paintings and he said he was really curious to see what my palette looked like when working on these pieces. First off I really enjoy Liquitex jar colors, smooth and easy to mix, series 3 and above are awesome. Second, I use water, I do enjoy gloss mediums, but more so for tromp l'oeil techniques. 
With acrylic my palette is more of a color puddle, and pure colors on the perimeter of the plate. You can see mixtures on the rim of the plate and in the middle, these are areas where I will generally build up washes and glazes, allowing the colors to run back into the color puddle. This helps me to keep the colors clean for certain mixtures, and dirty for others. I will work in series of glazes and dry brush, in addition to wet on wet. I keep a spray bottle handy to keep the acrylic paint wet while I am working on it. 
For oil painting I do not use as similar a setup, but will go over that in a later post. The board is near completion and lettering has been applied so look for that and the final painting in the next few posts. Thanks for stopping in. 

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