Four 4x5 panels in 48hours!

has been the name of the game this weekend. I have so many great projects, illustrations and new mural info to share with you, but first, I completed these four panels in less than 48 hours for Pastor Age, and Tha Myx community ministry who is getting a new parish at the freshly built addition to the Joshua Station assisted living complex. Long story short these panels are created out of love, for the love, and embedded with love as I concepted, painted and delivered these paintings in record time for Tha Myx ministry to get underway this week. Created with spraypaint and enamel, I established a straight forward process for these works to ensure they would flow smoothly and get completed in a timely manner. Of course the level of finish is limited with this kind of time turnaround, but overall there is some cool stuff here, and large scale at that. 
With each painting being 48" x 60" this can be daunting, but luckily I am familiar with large scale transfer and execution.
Above is the completed set of paintings, with their accompanying "theme". These themes will be displayed on small plaques below the paintings at the new Myx location. Look for more process on many project w.i.p. and new murals starting soon! Thanks for stopping in and click the links to find out more about Tha Myx ministry and the Sun Valley community. 

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