Blown Covers Global Warming Submissions

was the latest submission theme for Blown Covers after switching to a monthly format. The basis of which is simple, deadlines stay the same and in-line with real world time limits, less than a week to create the concepts, but the run down of the winners is set in a teaser format. I think all of the artists who submit are fond of this decision to keep the deadlines based on Nyer editorial schedule. Each day of the month is allotted to each one of the runner-ups and winning submissions until the contest runs again. there were some great runners-up and winners this month, and I had a good time w my concepts as well, had a feeling the thermometer play was too direct, but only one other artist played it, so I suppose it did have some effect. Overall the first submission was a fun one, I enjoyed the idea of the nuclear hot sun and its closest planets are cowering from the toxic earth. I was pleased to have worked two final watercolors for my submissions, which I am aiming to maintain doing. Head on over to the links to see all the submissions and the comments from all the great artists, and look for next months Autumn submissions soon. Thanks for stopping in and more tomorrow!

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