Red Rocks Paint Out

was yesterday, and for the first time in a long time, I worked en plein air at the world renowned Red Rocks ampitheatre. The reason I mention the lapse in painting outdoors at Red Rocks is because the last time I painted in oil there was sophomore year in college! I remember those pieces and the critiques all too well, and the difficulty with painting organic shapes from observation. I still have two of the paintings in storage at home if I remember correctly. So today's paint-out excursion was not only enlightening, but one that I am glad I was able to participate in, and to create a painting, even if a small one from observation. I am also pretty thrilled that the DPAAF organizers put some mountain locales on the bill because it is a big change to leap from organic shapes to manmade ones, but I enjoy the challenge. So without further babbling, here are some progress shots (last two photos), and final shots from the field, I want to say working time was just over two hours, and for once I actually attempted to paint the ampitheatre rocks, which I am please with the turnout and the atmospheric perspective. Thanks to Alicia for the photos of work in progress, and she has some cool ones on Instagram as well, but I don't have a fancy phone so not sure how to link those here. Apologize for the lapse in posts, working space and such is in limbo, so bear with me. Thanks for stopping in, and check GTMD.org for show dates and more.  

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