Diggin in the Crates

of the art piles, and had to post these shots of some previous work, circa 2010, which I haven't previewed before. Well at least the GFellas in aerosol, and the detail shots of "Majestic Light", both pieces are in private collections and I sometimes don't post or talk about those kinds of works, more so these days I suppose. It made me realize it was the second time I had painted DeNiro in aerosol, more on that in a later post. I was first studying the brushstrokes in this studio piece in oil. Then I was keying on the chiaroscuro and the brushstrokes of these paintings. I enjoy the look back especially with a show coming up with new works in both aerosol and oil, "Of the Melancholy and the Macabre" at Leon. Looking through archival work always helps me to think about certain techniques and practices that made things successful, and to see the many things I hope I have built from. More tomorrow, thanks for stopping by.

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