Aegir Aerosol on Board

is a new painting for an upcoming themed group show curated by Chris Guarino at Leon Gallery on Sep. 3rd. The show is titled "Of the Melancoly and Macabre" and I was honored to be invited to show with this group. Mainly centered around sad and dark fantasy, this should make for a very cool display of works.
This first piece is a concept that I developed as a portion of the Viking Longship graphic for Indy Ink last year, and am very excited to see it fully developed in paint layers, well at least the portrait section. My Aegir concept is spun from ideas of the Norse god of the sea and sea creatures, using serpentine, reptilian, and oceanic dragons as inspiration. 
I have been striving to push the limits and challenge myself to achieve different technical aspects, in addition to overall color and mood effects with many of the recent aerosol pieces, and I find this one to be successful.    You can see the process was similar to the Basset Bros work, in which I worked over a toned ground, and worked opaque color into a monotone block in. The overall effect that I was aiming for was one of a more somber palette, but also an effect of reptilian color, but blue shifted to indicate oceanic or aquatic origins. Really nice to see this concept with color and depth, and I look forward to hanging it with the other works in September. Look for more info on the show and drop over to Leon Gallery for more info. 

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