Shiva Concept Watercolor

is a small watercolor painting of one of the concepts from the previous post. As I mentioned I was most likely going to continue working these ideas, and here is one that I put some layers on, and am pleased with the finish. I really wanted to keep it in the traditional color range, but obviously I didn't design them to be classic, but a more modern take on the Hindu gods. The washes went smoothly and I used complimentary color to get the blueish, blue-green skin tones to pop more. Also very pleased with the cobra's look and feel,   the black and white version is the threshold in Photoshop to show if my dark and light pattern is showing up as I hoped. Look for more info on this piece and its final destination in future posts, and I thank you much for stopping through.

"Shiva the Destroyer" Watercolor on Rives 6" x 9" 

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