The Dark Knight Rises 150 Ft Mural

is an amazing look into the painting of large scale advertisements, still created by muralists. A very rare sight to see anymore, but this team of artists completed this mural in 5 days. I saw this blogged by Arnie Fenner at Muddy Colors, about a post that Irene Gallo, art director at Tor Books placed today. Being fairly experienced as a large scale painter, this is incredibly inspiring and the best news to come out about the Dark Knight today, considering all the negativity that could be talked about. But that is not for this post, this is a glimpse into one of the most highly constructive and technical jobs out there, creating building size murals for what is arguably the best comic/movie adaptation ever. The other point to make about these paintings is that they aren't created in studio, and installed, they are created the old-fashioned way, the artists put up with turbulent weather, use classic techniques, and work on rigging as a team to create these paintings. The main artist behind these creations is Dan Cohen, and the team from Art FX Murals.  All images courtesy of Irene Gallo and the Tor Books Blog. 
Please take a trip over to the links to read Irene's first hand experience w Dan and the mural creation and the insane schedule of completing this work in a week. I hope this brings you great positivity today, and my best goes out to everyone from my hometown of Aurora, the Dark Knight will still rise. More later, or in tomorrows post. 

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