Blown Covers Back to School Submissions

was this past weeks Blown Covers theme, and yes I have been way behind on posts for you, and its not because I don't want to, its both an equipment and a scheduling issue. I have been working on a few different client projects simultaneously with personal works, and am in need of a new computer which I will be doing soon.  
The Back to School theme is one that I enjoyed, but didn't get to spend as much time with again. I did however get a chance to put down some watercolor layers on the main concept for this week. The alternate color concept is one where I left the text out. I did not get to submit the color which is unfortunate, but you can see the samples above. 
I really enjoyed the idea of mom's take on back to school, I always loved my moms handwriting, and it was always a special touch for me when my name was written on my lunch sack. The line drawing has charm, but I knew that the color I saw for it was the real seller of this concept. The second concept was slightly rushed but submitted nonetheless, and I flipped it because it may not be entirely functional, but reads as a better compisition in reverse. Also remember to take a trip over to the links below to see the winners and runners-up submissions, another great week of work from artists around the globe. Have a few great client projects to talk about, look for info on those projects tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping in, more posts soon. 

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